Satellites, drones and 5G for the safeguard of the historic center of Rome

Signed the sub supplier agreement between GeneGIS GI Srl and e-GEOS SPA for the Pangea Cloud license and for the custom development of services within the POMERIUM 5G for Cultural Heritage project.

GeneGIS GI Srl and the Pangea Cloud solution have been chosen by e-GEOS for its ability to integrate with existing business systems.

In particular, as part of the project, we will deal with:

  • To integrate Pangea Cloud with the e-GEOS AWARE platform by extending the functions for the management of satellite interferometric data and 3D models;
  • To manage the bridge between the domains of the IOT devices and the sensors of the network devices;
  • To design and develop specific tools for the management of the Stability, Vegetation and Pollution scenarios;

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