Iren | Dams Monitoring

Iren | Dams Monitoring

Iren is one of the most important and dynamic multi-utility companies on the Italian scene. It is active in the sectors of electricity, gas, thermal energy for district heating, management of integrated water services, environmental services and technological services. The Group operates in a multi-regional basin with over 8,000 employees, a portfolio of approximately 1.9 million customers in the energy sector, approximately 2.8 million inhabitants served in the integrated water cycle and over 3 million inhabitants in the environmental cycle (data per year 2019)

Project description

In 2019 Iren launched an aerial remote sensing project of the dams operated by our partner DigiSky through the Skymetry service.
The large amount of remote sensing data need to be consulted quickly and in an easy way.

Thanks to the agreement between GeneGIS GI and DigiSky, the project is integrated and completed by the Pangea Cloud platform, with the aim of providing the IREN Hydroelectric Sector with an end-to-end system capable of supporting monitoring and maintenance operations in extreme high altitude environmental contexts.

The service consists of an high-resolution stereoscopic photogrammetric survey of the barrage and of the entire basin carried out by aircraft flights and UAV drones. The Pangea Cloud platform allows data integration (aircraft, drones and satellite) collected over the basins, with the information available (documentation, photos and video inspections), offering an operational tool for all management activities and preliminary planning (ordinary and extraordinary interventions).

The data distributed by the system are, among others: digital cartography through OGC services, 3D Point Cloud, Orthophoto maps and Orthophotos plans of the dam fronts, 2D / 3D CAD / GIS elaborations, Video-inspections, Traditional aerial reconnaissance and by drones, Systems of video surveillance, webcam, weather data, geo-referenced technical documentation, etc.

The activities and the goals of the Iren Project:

  • Periodic remote sensing of the basins and related artifacts
  • On demand flights execution for specific interventions
  • Generation of 2D / 3D photogrammetric products
  • Analysis of databases collected with the new airborne sensors
  • Analysis of historical databases
  • Improvements of monitoring needs
  • Implementation of a system for collecting, harmonizing, viewing, querying and sharing the existing information assets

SINA | Madonna del Monte Viaduct A6 Torino-Savona

SINA | Madonna del Monte Viaduct

SINA SPA, a company of the ASTM Group, has been a protagonist for over fifty years in the study, design, construction and management of new works in the traffic, telecommunications, road and rail transport sectors, operating in the Control Engineering sector and Maintenance of Large Transport Infrastructures.

SINA’s commitment goes from the commissioning of the infrastructure till the technical support for management and adaptation over time.
The company, thanks to its highly specialized people, is able to provide other services such as

– verification of tunnel safety and surveillance systems;
– control and inspection of infrastructures;
– environmental monitoring activities.

Project description
Following a period of intense rainfall, on 24 November 2019, a huge mass of earth and stones detaches from the hill, fully investing the Madonna del Monte viaduct, on the A6 Turin-Savona, between the Ligurian cities of Savona and Altare. SINA SPA operate since the initial emergency phases, with post-collapse checks and preparation of a very detailed monitoring plan to guarantee the safety of operations and restore vehicular traffic.

The activity of SINA SPA continues with the phases of demolition, preliminary and executive design, construction supervision and final testing of the new work which took place on February 21, 2020. Just 3 months! In this context, Pangea Cloud was immediately activated, with the aim of concentrating all the data, historical and post-collapse, collected ad hoc (geognostic surveys, Laser Scanner surveys, UAVs, Satellites, laboratory tests, other), deriving from the monitoring activities (spot and continuous GBInSAR) on the work and distribute them (according to differentiated privileges) to all the Actors involved.

The added value was to make immediately available to Engineers, Technicians and Managers all the data necessary to feature the State of Work Progress, any critical issues and the documentation associated with the ongoing activities.

The data available in Pangea Cloud are:

  • Environmental and Architectural Laser Scanner Surveys
  • Satellite images
  • Aerial photogrammetry
  • Documents and technical sheets
  • 360 ° photos
  • Ground and drone video
  • Weather data
  • Video data detected by streaming cams
  • GBInSAR and InSAR interferometric data from satellite and their analysis in real time in comparison with the temperature trend in the surrounding environment,
  • etc.

The activities and the goals of the Project:

  • Needs analysis
  • Development of custom data acquisition (IoT) interfaces
  • Preliminary processing and harmonization of heterogeneous data
  • Import and integration of data within the platform
  • Performance optimization
  • Delivery of the Service in the Cloud