• Send an email to info@pangeacloud.it.
  • Get in touch with us at the number +39 011 45 48 482 to evaluate together you needs and choose the right option for your asset.

Register for free and you will get a free account for a demo.

Yes, you can increase storage and band according to your needs.

The 3D rendering is based on WebGL. If you want to know the compatibility of your browser use the link: https://get.webgl.org

These are our test:

  • Chrome & Chrome mobile – compatible
  • Firefox – desktop version compatible, some bugs on the mobile version
  • Safari & Safari IOS – compatible
  • Microsoft Edge – compatible from version 11
  • Internet Explorer – not compatible
  • UC Browser – compatible

The integration of webGL on the common browser is constantly updating. If you need help reach out our support team.

Yes, you can do it in 3D environment.

Yes, you can import the following formats: .shp (shapefile), .geojson e .json, .dxf.

Yes, you can import geotiff and jpeg format.

Yes, in LAS or CSV format.

Yes, you can.

Yes, through the 2D map positioning.

Yes, thanks to 3D editing viewer.

The IFC compatibility will be available soon. At the moment you can upload 3D models BIM oriented in .GLTM and .GLB format.

Yes, thanks to the toolset you can manage point cloud collected with laser scanners, 360 photos, and the full documentation for the LoD definition of your project.