Pangea Cloud, developed by GeneGIS GI SRL, stands as the forefront platform engineered for managing both environmental and infrastructural Digital Twins. This comprehensive solution offers centralized data management, harmonization, and detailed visualization capabilities for multimedia and documentary data sourced from monitoring initiatives and projects. It delivers a holistic and collaborative perspective on the digital dossier of the targeted site, ensuring enhanced insights and operational efficiency. 

Environmental and Infrastructural Digital Twins | Pangea Cloud – GeneGIS GI SRL  

Through the seamless integration of existing GIS and CAD suites, Pangea Cloud provides simplified access to complex data, traditionally confined to specialists, now made available to all technicians and decision-makers. It stands as an exceptional solution for empowering multidisciplinary teams within governmental bodies, large corporations, and organizations engaged in both infrastructure and environmental projects. 

Pangea Cloud: Scalability, Security, and Interoperability  

This platform stands out for its exceptional scalability, interoperability, and security, seamlessly integrating with both national and regional geoportals. Unlike conventional solutions, Pangea Cloud offers accessibility without requiring specific technical expertise or costly hardware investments. 

Advanced Functionality for Decision Makers

Pangea Cloud facilitates real-time data sharing and analysis, ensuring a constantly updated view of the site’s digital twin. Its advanced features, including collaborative tools, dynamic simulations, and comprehensive 2D/3D/4D visualizations, streamline decision-making processes and bolster team efficiency. 

Key Features of Pangea Cloud: 

  • Advanced collaboration and analysis tools 
  • 2D/3D/4D visualization and virtual simulation capabilities 
  • Integration with corporate networks and IoT sensors 
  • Secure and scalable cloud storage 
  • Support for BIM models, GeoBIM, and geospatial databases 
  • Technical and administrative documentation management 
  • User and role management 

GeneGIS GI Specialist Services: Customization and Support  

GeneGIS GI offers personalized services tailored to meet the needs of clients, encompassing digitalization, image acquisition, and BIM modeling, all essential for the creation of Digital Twins.  

These services include: 

  • Digital Twin Generation. 
  • Digitization and harmonization of historical data. 
  • Acquisition of satellite/aerial/UAV imagery. 
  • Customized BIM modeling solutions. 
  • Tailored solutions and technical support. 
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We create the digital extension of your asset using the best available technologies tailored to your objectives. There is no perfect tool, but rather a variety of technologies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Integrating them allows us to achieve the best results. 


We analyze, process, and transform your raw data into high-value digital databases. The greater the availability of standardized data, the wider the range of reuse opportunities, leading to sustainable operational autonomy

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We integrate and process external public and private sources to support the intervention plans of your project. The effectiveness of a process can be measured by its ability to strike a balance between the various interests at play.