With our extensive experience in the geospatial industry, we offer tailored solutions and basic packages for digitizing and harmonizing historical databases, acquiring and processing images from satellite, aerial, or UAV platforms, Scan2BIM processes, and much more. 

The primary solutions identified so far are: 

Digital twins

  • Integration of 3D AS IS surveys, BIM models, open data, and field sensors for building and managing the digital twin. 
  • Simulating new intervention plans or behaviors based on real-time data. 
  • Providing support for Reverse Engineering / Revamping / Retrofitting activities. 

Environmental Monitoring

  • Analysis and management of monitoring plans from diverse platforms. 
  • Satellite (optical and interferometric). 
  • Aerial / Helicopter / Multirotor or Fixed-wing Drones. 
  • Mobile mapping systems, including SLAM technology. 
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanner (architectural and environmental). 
  • AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle). 
  • 360° Cameras and Videocameras (including STANAG format). 
  • GBInSAR terrestrial interferometry. 
  • Integration via API with external systems. 

Safety review & Analysis

  • Analysis and management of overall operational safety conditions to support key mitigation operations. 
  • Airspace and subsurface interference. 
  • Handling of vehicles and personnel. 
  • Airside operations. 
  • Analysis of port docking points. 
  • Analysis and management of storage capacity. 

Construction life cycle

  • Analysis and management of monitoring, maintenance, or demolition activities. 
  • Monitoring the progress of AS IS and TO BE work states. 
  • Comparing design plans with as-built – HBIM – BIM. 
  • Analyzing cut and fill volumes (excavations and backfills). 
  • Conducting geotechnical and structural surveys. 

Visual asset management

  • Visualization of information tailored to diverse needs (from business to operations).  
  • Integration of OpenData services (public WMS and WFS).  
  • Spatial annotations to enhance communication effectiveness and minimize errors.  
  • Management of aggregated maintenance documents linked to 3D models (geoDOC).  
  • Sharing information with all your collaborators. 
  •  Internal and external communication optimization. 

IoT Analytics 

  • Visualize, analyze, store, and act upon sensor data from the Internet of Things at massive volumes and speeds. 
  • Indoor/outdoor environmental sensors. 
  • Weather stations. 
  • Surveillance camera systems. 


Data detection

We create the digital extension of your asset using the best available technologies tailored to your objectives. There is no perfect tool, but rather a variety of technologies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Integrating them allows us to achieve the best results. 


We analyze, process, and transform your raw data into high-value digital databases. The greater the availability of standardized data, the wider the range of reuse opportunities, leading to sustainable operational autonomy

Geographical intelligence

We integrate and process external public and private sources to support the intervention plans of your project. The effectiveness of a process can be measured by its ability to strike a balance between the various interests at play.