Pangea's New Inspect Tool: Revolutionizing your inspection management"

We’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking Pangea Inspect Tool, set to transform the way you handle inspections and maintenance plans. This cutting-edge solution empowers technicians to effortlessly create inspection plans, even remotely, streamlining operational efficiency. And there’s more! Managers gain access to a comprehensive overview of the current status, seamlessly integrated within the virtual environment of the digital twin. It’s the future of infrastructure management, just a click away. Stay updated on our website for more details about this remarkable innovation. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to inspections and maintenance!

The data provided by the Pangea Cloud platform includes: 

  • Environmental and Architectural Laser Scanner Surveys of the restoration area 
  • Satellite imagery 
  • Aerial photogrammetry 
  • Documents and technical specifications 
  • 360° photos 
  • Ground and drone-captured videos 
  • Weather data 
  • Video data captured by streaming cameras 
  • GBInSAR and InSAR interferometric data from satellites, with real-time analysis compared to temperature trends in the surrounding environment, and much more.