Pangea Cloud is the first web platform able to organize the digital information involved in the decision making process of your asset

Dedicated to multidisciplinary teams of government bodies, large companies and organizations operating within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).


Pangea provides specific tools for your asset management and control:

  • Civil and industrial infrastructure
  • Hydrogeologic hazard
  • Environmental risk
  • Energy, renewable, oil & gas
  • Cultural and archeological heritage


Pangea Cloud can store all technical and administrative documentation in a single repository, safe and always accessible. Here you can monitor the operating conditions from sensors in real-time, and you can remotely view and query the last survey performed.


The platform is designed for new challenge in a digital market constantly evolving.


A tool suite to organize, visualize, query and share your data.


Increase users, storage, band and projects as your business grows.


Control the project progress in real-time working with the most recent information.


Connect your applications and the full monitoring network.


Increase the data value of a project and maximize the productivity of your team

Easy to use

Everybody can use Pangea Cloud, you don’t need to be an expert, a simple tutorial session is enough to learn how to use it.


Your data are keep safe according to the cybersecurity regulation.


Improve data processing and data analysis, to rationalize and speed up the decision-making process.

Always under controll

A complete and updated vision to evaluate the impact of each individual action thanks to clear data easy to read.


Our team is at your disposal to guarantee a full support during the platform use.


Every sector is under a rapid change.
Pangea Cloud supports technicians and decision makers in overcoming the risks and designIing a better future.

Environmental Monitoring

Analysis and monitoring management

  • Satellite (optic e interferometric).
  • Aerial / Helicopter / UAV.
  • Mobile mapping systems (SLAM.)
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanner (architectural and environmental).
  • AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle).
  • Camera and Video 360° (STANAG format).
  • Terrestrial interferometry GBInSAR.

Safety review & Analysis

Risk analysis and security management to optimize mitigation actions involving:

  • Aerial network and underground services
  • Movement of vehicles and people
  • Air side
  • Analysis of landing points in the port
  • Analysis and management of storage capacity

Construction life cycle

Analysis and management of monitoring, maintenance or demolition activities:

  • Monitoring of work progress
  • Comparisons between design plans and as built – HBIM – BIM
  • Analysis of cutting and filling volumes (excavations and fillings)
  • Geognostic and structural surveys

Visual asset management

  • Visualization of needed information (from business to operation).
  • Integration of OpenData services (public WMS, WFS).
  • Spatial annotations able to increase communication impact and minimize errors.
  • Maintenance documents aggregated and linked to 3D models (geoDOC).
  • Sharing information with all your collaborators.
  • Internal and external communication.

Digital twins

  • Align databases with new data collected with advanced technologies for the creation of digital twins of a project.
  • Management of surfaces and 3D objects.
  • Simulation of new intervention plans based on real time data.
  • Reverse engineering / Revamping / Retrofitting.
  • Tabulation of 3D models created to support the procurement plans.

Analytics 4 IOT

Visualize, analyze, store and act thanks to data recorded by sensors on Internet of things:

  • Indoor / outdoor environmental sensors.
  • Weather stations.
  • Video surveillance systems.

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